"Advanced" Hiking Experience in Tinos

Exomvourgo, Tinos

TIN-0604   (Tour Code)

If you are an experienced hiked who wants to explore one of the most elegant Cycladic islands with rich cultural heritage and lush nature on foot, then this tour is perfect! Hike to the interior of this aristocratic island and discover the hidden beauties of Tinos. Follow its marvelous old hiking paths and hidden trails and get familiar with its authentic villages, mesmerizing museums, small chapels, skillfully decorated dovecotes and interesting nature.

Route 1> Kionia – Chatzirado - Ktikado- Xinara- Exomvourgo - Chora (Duration: 4,5 hours)

Starting from Kionia village, right next to the archeological site of Poseidon, you will ascend to one of the most well preserved cobbled alleys of the islands in order to reach Chatzirado village. You will cross the village to visit the nearby village of Ktikado.  Then climb to the top of Exomvourgo hill. In Exomvourgo, you will wander around the ruins of the old Venetian castle, get to know its thousand-year old history and admire the panoramic view of Tinos inland. Then you will return to Chora from a well–preserved ancient wide path, which used to be main road connecting the harbor with the castle. In Chora there is a wide variety of restaurants offering traditional delicacies where you can sit and enjoy your lunch.

Route 2> Krokos - Skalados - Koumaros- Exomvourgo-Xinara-Loutra-Krokos (Duration: 4,5 hours)

Starting from the bridge just outside the village of Agapi, you will pass through the Valley of the Dovecotes (one of the two most known valleys with well preserved dovecotes). Here, besides the impressive dovecotes you will come across several ruined watermills, due to the river that crosses the village. You will ascent towards the village of Sklabohorio, a small village without permanent residents. Then you will pass from Skalados and Koumaros villages to the village of Volax, a very interesting village that is build on top of big round rocks of unknown origin. Finally you will descent to the village of Agapi, one of the most picturesque old villages of the island with particular historical and folklore interest.

Tour includes: hiking escort
Tour does not include: transportation to/from hotel, meals (optional) or drinks, entrance fees to the museum & tour guide (10 € per person) if applicable
Pick up: Exomvourgo, Tinos (tour starts from terminal)
Drop off: Exomvourgo, Tinos (tour ends at terminal)

This tour is private and can be arranged for small groups of 1 – 4 or 5 – 9. For larger groups of 10 – 12 persons prices are available on request. 

Easy route (2.5 hours) is suitable for everyone (no previous experience is required).

Moderate route (3 hours) is suitable for persons with some or no experience who are physically fit.

Advanced route (4.5 hours) is suitable for persons who are experienced hikers.

Children (8 – 12 years old) are allowed to participate with parental guidance.

Please bear in mind that the tour may be uncomfortable for participants with heart problems or other medical conditions. 


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Are you a hiker and nature lover? Tinos interior beauty is impossible to leave you untouched! 

The Cycladic Adventures Team


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09:00-13:30 Route 1/ Private Tour (1-4 persons)
Tour: 100€

09:00-13:30 Route 1/ Private Tour (5-9 persons)
Tour: 180€

15:00-19:30 Route 1/ Private Tour (1-4 persons)
Tour: 100€

15:00-19:30 Route 1/ Private Tour (5-9 persons)
Tour: 180€

09:00-13:30 Route 2/ Private Tour (1-4 persons)
Tour: 100€

09:00-13:30 Route 2/ Private Tour (5-9 persons)
Tour: 180€

15:00-19:30 Route 2/ Private Tour (1-4 persons)
Tour: 100€

15:00-19:30 Route 2/ Private Tour (5-9 persons)
Tour: 180€

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Entrance fees or tickets extra (payable on the spot) Inform us of special medical conditions or respiratory problems Prior experience required Wear comfortable clothes & closed toe shoes Walking or hiking shoes required Tour starts from terminal (no hotel pick up available) Good Physical Health Meal not included Be Equipped for a Day in the Sun

Level of Difficulty: Advanced

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